7 Hot Spots In Commercial Offices For Hidden Germs

7 Hot Spots In Commercial Offices For Hidden Germs

One thing any commercial cleaner will tell you is that just because an office looks, and even smells clean, it does not mean that there aren’t areas of that office that are not clean. This tends to happen when sub-standard cleaning companies are hired for the job, as they will most likely give the place the once over, and hope it is enough to satisfy whoever hired them.

What they will basically do is clean all the areas that out front and visible, so that anyone giving their work a quick inspection will think that they have done a good job. However, there are many places which they will have missed, and worst of all, these will be places where germs are likely to accumulate due to them being unclean.

So, if you want to ensure your office is not clean, but as germ-free as is possible, here are 7 places within your office that you, and more importantly your staff need to ensure are cleaned, and better still, sanitised, properly.

Door Handles

There can be few other items within any building that get used and touched by more people than the door handles. It is exceedingly rare that you will hear someone mention ‘dirty’ door handles because generally they always look clean. But, given how many people touch them, they should be wiped and sanitised regularly, and throughout the day, if possible.

10 Core Gardening Tools You Will Need To Maintain Your Landscape Design

10 Core Gardening Tools You Will Need To Maintain Your Landscape Design

There is many a saying that goes along the lines of ‘an artist is only as good as their paintbrush’, or  ‘a musician is only as good as their instrument’, and so the same might be able to be said for gardeners in respect of the tools they use in their garden. Obviously, none of these is true especially with regards to those skilled in art, music,  landscape design and gardening.

Whether the latter two use them as part of implementing a landscape design or simply to maintain and upkeep their garden, gardening tools play an essential role.

Of course, the list of possible tools you might use to look after your garden is extensive. However, not every garden justifies the need for a limitless number of tools, and in most cases, the essentials are all that is needed. To help you determine what garden tools you should have, with the help of Complete Projects – Property Maintenance Experts, here is the 10 essential garden tools we recommend.

#1 Gloves: Yes, the garden is a wonderful place, but it is not without its hazards and many of them take great delight in doing harm to your hands. Regardless of what you are doing, always wear gloves to avoid cuts and splinters, and, of course, to keep your hands clean.

Emergency Fire Exits

Why Should You Make Sure Emergency Fire Exits Are Accessible At All Times?

Planning for workplace emergencies according to Integral Fire Protection is something which is often overlooked by business owners and managers. However, it is extremely important to make sure that you do more to prepare for potential emergencies than just placing safety gear like fire extinguishers around the building. You need to make sure that you have safety plans for all potential things which could go wrong, including fires.

Workplace fires can escalate rapidly. In most cases, they can be brought under control using fire extinguishers and fire blankets, reducing and containing the threat. However, there will be times when workplace fires get out of hand, resulting in an evacuation of the premises.

For an effective evacuation to take place, people need to be able to exit a building in the quickest and most efficient way. For this to occur, you need to make sure that every single emergency exit in your building is accessible to all people at all times. Other reasons why you should make sure emergency exits are always accessible include:


Can Removalists Help With Managing Large Furniture Items?

According to the experts Brilliance Removalists Brisbane, very large and heavy pieces of furniture can be a challenge to moving to a new house. The removal process often involves loading these large pieces and the process is often made more difficult by the absence of good handholds on the item. Fortunately, removalists can take care of all these things as they have the proper equipment to help them lift and move heavy furniture, whether it is a grand piano, pool table or a queen sized bed.

Most removalists start by packing the heavier furniture first and proceed according to the best weight distribution for the truck they are using. That said, they will often remove mattresses from beds and cushions from the lounge to make it a bit lighter and easier to load.   If you find packing difficult, you can pay extra and have the removalists do all your packing for you, if they offer that service. So you’ll only have to move out with a change of clothes, then move into your new house after all the goods have been delivered and unpacked. This may seem like the ideal way to move, especially if you are frail.


How to Get Lighting Into Your Work Shed

Many homes include a shed of some kind in the backyard that can be used for storage, gardening or as a work shed for various hobbies or projects around the house.  These sheds only have one thing wrong with them – apart from being too small – and that is no lighting.  If you get an experienced Perth electrician to add lighting, you’ll be able to get a lot more use out of that shed.

Smaller sheds often don’t even have a window to let light in, making it really difficult to find what you want and to keep the shed tidy, let alone dodge spiders. Instead, you tend to stand at the door and throw things in, hoping they’ll land somewhere you can find them next time they are needed.  If you installed lighting you could have a tidy shed that will fit more in because you’d be able to see well enough to add some shelves or hooks on the walls.


No-Stress Property Maintenance

In many homes stress is elevated to an almost unbearable level when any handyman job is getting done. This is partly due to the fact that the handyman may not really know what he is doing and so it takes longer to complete the task. The household is usually in turmoil until it is all finished and cleaned up and everyone can relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.

In some cases the stress comes about because the home handyman makes a mistake that then has to be fixed. This can be a really expensive mistake such as a break in the plumbing behind the wall, that calls for a professional person to repair it.

Since doctors now understand that stress is what causes a variety of other illnesses, it is far better to have a professional handyman come in to do your maintenance, repairs or renovations. Not only will they be in and out of there really quickly, having handled the job in next to no time, they will not make any stuff-ups and cause even more problems. If they do, they will repair it without added costs to you.

Professional Handyman

When You Need to Hire a Professional Handyman

Many people save money by doing repairs and renovations on their home themselves. After all, some of those jobs are fairly easy and it doesn’t take too much skill or effort to learn how to do them properly. But there are times you really do need a professional on the job because it is easy to mess it up and that will end up costing you more in the long run. So how do you know when a professional handyman is needed? Here are some ways to tell.

  • If the job requires specific tools that you don’t have. Yes, you may be able to hire the tools, but if you don’t have them it’s almost certain that you have never used them before and so won’t be proficient in their use. This can lead to costly mistakes, or doing a job that looks amateurish and may have to be done again. Not cost effective.

Make Your Bathroom Luxurious with Carpet

Nearly every bathroom has tiles on the floor as this seems to be the accepted norm. The trouble is that tiles are very cold. And they are hard if you happen to take a tumble when getting out of the bath or shower. If you are considering to use a bathroom renovation services, you may want to consider using special carpet in there rather than tiles, especially if you are a mature aged person.

You might think that an expert carpet cleaner would find it difficult in the bathroom because of all the water likely to get on it. But when you have no children in the house, you can be more careful to reduce those kinds of spills. In addition, you can still have a rubber-backed bath mat to step onto from the shower. This will leave your main carpet dry and easy to vacuum when necessary.