One thing any commercial cleaner will tell you is that just because an office looks, and even smells clean, it does not mean that there aren’t areas of that office that are not clean. This tends to happen when sub-standard cleaning companies are hired for the job, as they will most likely give the place the once over, and hope it is enough to satisfy whoever hired them.

What they will basically do is clean all the areas that out front and visible, so that anyone giving their work a quick inspection will think that they have done a good job. However, there are many places which they will have missed, and worst of all, these will be places where germs are likely to accumulate due to them being unclean.

So, if you want to ensure your office is not clean, but as germ-free as is possible, here are 7 places within your office that you, and more importantly your staff need to ensure are cleaned, and better still, sanitised, properly.

Door Handles

There can be few other items within any building that get used and touched by more people than the door handles. It is exceedingly rare that you will hear someone mention ‘dirty’ door handles because generally they always look clean. But, given how many people touch them, they should be wiped and sanitised regularly, and throughout the day, if possible.

Tea and Coffee Equipment

Whilst they may get used more often than those business owners who want maximum productivity would like, tea and coffee making equipment is in constant use in many offices. That includes kettles, tea/coffee pots, cups, mugs, and teaspoons, and often these just get left sitting on a counter whilst not in use.

The handles of these items are particularly prone to an accumulation of germs so establishing a regular cleaning regime for tea and coffee equipment is essential.

Printers and Photocopiers

These are often some of the most used equipment in an office, and as such as this makes these types of items especially prone to having germs. You should have a box of sanitising wipes next to printers and photocopiers along with a notice asking staff to wipe it down after each use.


Although there might be one on each individual’s desk, there is no guarantee that they will be the only person that ever uses it. Germs from hands, face, and mouth can all be transferred from the person using it to the handset as they speak into it, so make sure staff are encouraged to wipe their phone after every call.

Water Cooler

Another well-used item in offices, especially in the summer, and although it may look clean, studies show that water coolers are often one the dirtiest items in offices with regards to germs. This might be something to do with staff congregating around the water cooler for a chat, so discourage that, and encourage regular cleaning of water coolers.


If your office has a refrigerator where staff store their lunches and cold drinks, this will be a haven for germs, especially on the exterior area such as the handle. There is also a need to ensure that any food inside the fridge which is past its use-by date is thrown away, regardless of who it belongs to.

Desk Equipment

This covers a multitude of items that could be on desks, but the main ones are keyboards, mice, stationary holders, and desk tidies. These all can gather germs if they are not cleaned and sanitised regularly, so ensure staff are diligent with regards to cleaning their desktop equipment.