Many homes include a shed of some kind in the backyard that can be used for storage, gardening or as a work shed for various hobbies or projects around the house.  These sheds only have one thing wrong with them – apart from being too small – and that is no lighting.  If you get an experienced Perth electrician to add lighting, you’ll be able to get a lot more use out of that shed.

Smaller sheds often don’t even have a window to let light in, making it really difficult to find what you want and to keep the shed tidy, let alone dodge spiders. Instead, you tend to stand at the door and throw things in, hoping they’ll land somewhere you can find them next time they are needed.  If you installed lighting you could have a tidy shed that will fit more in because you’d be able to see well enough to add some shelves or hooks on the walls.

If you do handyman projects, it’s really essential to have a safe place to store all your tools, rather than in the house or garage.  You can use the shed out the back for tool maintenance too. If you don’t have a shed, consider putting one in. And make it bigger than you first think will be a good size because sheds have a habit of shrinking over the years.  At least, when you get lots of stuff in them,  they seem to get smaller.

The larger sheds usually have a window that will facilitate tidying and storage. But there will also be room in it to set up a workroom for hobbies, if you are into wood-turning or other kinds of activities.  These are messy, with lots of wood shavings and sawdust spread around, so doing it in the house is usually impossible.

Having lights installed in the shed may seem simple, but the electrician will need to dig a trench to lay the cable from the house to the shed. To do this, he’ll probably use a small machine that takes all the hard work out of digging. But if it’s only a few steps away from the house you might be able to dig it yourself.  This will take more muscle than you probably expect because the ditch has to be quite deep.  If the ground is hard and dry, leaving it to the machine is a better idea.

Some people simply run an extension lead from the house to the shed, but this is not ideal, especially if there are small children playing in the yard.  Besides, it can be dangerous if you want to work there on a rainy day. It’s far better to have it done properly and safely, so you can use it at any time without running a lead.