One of the features that Perth landscapers often have the greatest scope and number of options for is with regards to garden furniture. Just as you are probably aware that the furniture choices you would have for an indoor room in your home are almost infinite, the choices for outdoor garden furniture are not too far behind.

Despite the huge choice, there still needs to be some reasoning applied when selecting individual furniture items or furniture sets for your landscape garden. These relate to their size, ensuring their style and colour fit in with the overall ambience, and that they provide practical uses. Note that by mentioning practicality we are differentiating furniture like seating and tables, from decorative furniture such as ornamental features.

So, let us look at what are considered seven of the best practices when selecting furniture for a landscape garden design.

Aim To Create Focal Points

The furniture in your garden should look as though it was thought thorough (which it will be) and one way to ensure that is to have them create focal points within your garden. This entails having an outdoor table and chairs, or seating area visible from multiple parts of your garden so that they act almost like a magnet.

#1 Priority Is Comfort

No matter the style, design, shape, or size of the furniture you choose for your garden, the overriding priority must be that it is comfortable for those who use it. Great looking furniture is of little use if it is so uncomfortable that it stands abandoned because no one wants to sit on it.

Fixed Seating Trumps Movable

Here we are referring to the practical realities that fixed seating cannot be blown or knocked over, cannot be left disorganised, nor is fixed seating as much of a trip hazard to those who use your garden versus movable chairs. Also, in most cases fixed furniture with the appropriate cushioning tends to be the more comfortable of the two.

Weather-Proof Furniture

Yes, we know that the weather across Australia is usually great but that does not mean that it is rain-free 24/7, 365 days per year. Certain furniture materials such as wood will be more prone to damage such as warping when they are wet. Also, do not forget damage caused by the sun such as bleaching cushion materials.

Recreate The Indoors, Outdoors

One of the best advantages of having a landscaped garden is that it gives you ample opportunities to take what you do indoors outdoors, provided you have chosen the correct furniture. Eating meals, relaxing as a family, and having parties with family, friends, and neighbours are just a few examples.

Create A Peaceful Sanctuary

With the correct choice of garden furniture, you can create a quiet oasis for yourself or anyone else who lives with you. Here the emphasis is on comfort and tranquillity using items such as hammocks, a large outdoor sofa, or an outdoor chair and footstool with panels or fabrics around them creating the seclusion.

Use Your Imagination To Make It Unique

Whilst every landscape design is somewhat unique, when it comes to choosing your garden furniture you have complete choice as to how you create your ideal garden. By all means, seek the advice of your landscaper, but, for the most part, let your imagination guide you towards your ideal choice of garden furniture.