If you are going to a new epoxy floor or concrete floor coating laid, it is essential that the company you choose to do the work is one which you can be as certain as you can be, will do the job properly. If you employ amateurs or worse, so-called ‘cowboys’, to save a few dollars, it can actually have the opposite effect.

Firstly, if the concrete or epoxy floor they install is not right and needs to be fixed, it means that the room or the facility where the floor is located is out of action for even longer than planned. If this is a vital part of your business, especially one that generates revenue, then you are going to suffer those losses all the time it is not open or operational.

In addition, there is a risk that they may simply refuse to admit there is a problem and leave you having to now go and hire proper floor experts to put it right. This can mean further costs, including the possibility of having another entire floor laid, in order to cover and fix the botched one. If you decide upon legal action against the original company, whilst an understandable move, that is more expense.

Now, we are sure you have no plans to hire anyone who is not an expert, however, to help further here are 5 tips to selecting the best epoxy and concrete flooring company.

Research Thoroughly

This probably covers a lot of what we are going to advise you to do, however, it cannot be stressed enough how important your research is. This not only covers researching any company you might be thinking of hiring but also product research. The more you know about concrete floors, epoxy floors and coatings, the more able you will be to discuss your plans with any prospective flooring company.

Ask Those Around You

One of the best ways of finding out how well an epoxy/concrete flooring company operates is to ask those people you know if they have had this type of work done before. Amongst your friends, family, work colleagues and business contacts there are bound to be several who have had the experience of having an epoxy floor laid and can recommend a company, assuming they did an excellent job.

Ask For References

Any company which is proud of the work which they do will have a number of satisfied customers who are happy to provide references. This might include being able to contact them directly, or better still, having the opportunity to visit the location where the floor or floors were installed and seeing for yourself the quality of the work.

Create A Shortlist

Despite a company being recommended to you, you should always have at least two companies against which you can compare each other. Ideally, you want to create a shortlist of those companies that you satisfied are professional and have a good reputation. You might ask each to provide a quote, where you can see how professional they appear during that process, plus, obviously, you compare their prices.

Get Everything In Writing

Even if the company you are planning to hire seems 100% legit, never, ever agree to the work based on a verbal agreement. These have caused both sides of the agreement to regret it, so for everyone’s sake, especially yours, get everything in writing. This should include details of the work, the time scales involved, and the agreed price. It should also include what happens with regards to guarantees and warranties.