Nearly every bathroom has tiles on the floor as this seems to be the accepted norm. The trouble is that tiles are very cold. And they are hard if you happen to take a tumble when getting out of the bath or shower. If you are considering to use a bathroom renovation services, you may want to consider using special carpet in there rather than tiles, especially if you are a mature aged person.

You might think that an expert carpet cleaner would find it difficult in the bathroom because of all the water likely to get on it. But when you have no children in the house, you can be more careful to reduce those kinds of spills. In addition, you can still have a rubber-backed bath mat to step onto from the shower. This will leave your main carpet dry and easy to vacuum when necessary.

Before installing carpet in the bathroom, make sure the shower stall does not leak and that there are no other leaks, otherwise it won’t take long for the carpet to smell musty. Have the installation done professionally so that there is no likelihood of it lifting up and causing you to trip over.

Bathroom carpet has a very short pile and is rubber-backed, so you can actually wash it without a problem. However, it may take longer to dry than tiles would. Make sure you allow plenty of ventilation after washing to help speed up the drying process. You can even put the fan on to help things along. When there are no children in the house to make a mess, the carpet won’t need washing that often.

The main benefits of having carpet in the bathroom are: –

  • It is warmer to walk on in bare feet.
  • It will minimise injury if you fall.
  • It helps to prevent falls because it is not slippery like tiles often are.
  • It gives the bathroom a really luxurious look and feel.
  • It makes the bathroom feel warmer overall.

If you want carpet in the bathroom talk over your options with a carpet professional to make sure what you choose is suitable for such an area.  In fact, you can also have similar carpet in the kitchen to make the floor kinder to your feet and legs, especially when you are tired.

With the whole floor covered by carpet, there is less chance of tripping over the mat so often found in front of the sink. As you get older it is wise to think of things like this and make your home as safe as possible to reduce possible falls as well as the discomfort that can often be felt from walking on hard floors.