Many people save money by doing repairs and renovations on their home themselves. After all, some of those jobs are fairly easy and it doesn’t take too much skill or effort to learn how to do them properly. But there are times you really do need a professional on the job because it is easy to mess it up and that will end up costing you more in the long run. So how do you know when a professional handyman is needed? Here are some ways to tell.

  • If the job requires specific tools that you don’t have. Yes, you may be able to hire the tools, but if you don’t have them it’s almost certain that you have never used them before and so won’t be proficient in their use. This can lead to costly mistakes, or doing a job that looks amateurish and may have to be done again. Not cost effective.

  • If the job legally requires a licensed tradesman. Even if you do know how to do it, leave it to the professionals. That way you know it will be done properly and the council won’t be able to make you pull it all down.
  • If you don’t really have enough spare time. Renovations can be stressful to live with and you don’t really want the job to take months when it could all be done in a few days. You can’t do everything. If you go to work you really do need to relax and rest on your days off, not do more work.
  • If you have pre-school children. Toddlers get into everything when your back is turned. They can easily drill a hole in something with your cordless drill while you are not looking. Hopefully, it won’t be in anything that bleeds. They can also climb ladders like you wouldn’t believe – and paint? They love it!
  • If you have older children who always want a snack, a drink or just a cuddle when you are in the middle of hammering, painting or anything else you thought to accomplish in spite of them being home from school.
  • If the in-laws are coming for a visit and you just want to get something done before they arrive, don’t try to do it yourself. You will be in a rush to get it finished and this will mean mistakes. Then you’ll have to clean up all the mess and you’ll realise you should have baked a cake instead. Leave it till after the visit, or get organised and have the handyman come and do it. You can then sit and talk to your visitors out in the garden while he finishes the job. Much less stress.