When looking at a partial or complete Sydney landscape design, adding a small pond to your garden can increase its beauty exponentially. For a start, with water close by you can add more plants of a different kind; those that love wet feet. You can add other features such as rocks that would simply look out of place without the water to tie them in together. And you can add other features to the pond such as a waterfall or statues that add more visual impact and create sound effects. Running water is a sound that is both soothing and enjoyable.

In addition, adding a pond to the garden is a environmentally sound idea because it offers water loving birds a place to bathe and drink and creates a home for other wildlife such as frogs and insects. This helps to restore the natural balance to nature that is usually lost in a big city.

One of the ways to create a peaceful paradise outdoors, It is easier than you may think to establish a pond, but the smaller it is the easier it is. The ultimate small pond can simply be a waterproof dish with a fake water lily floating on it. Many water features include tiny ponds and these can be made to look bigger with the addition of rocks and plants around the edges. Some may be suitable for the addition of fish.

Larger ponds are not that difficult to establish either. Here are 3 easy ways to make a pond in your garden.

  1. Purchase a plastic pond and dig a hole in the garden to fit it. Add rocks and plants around and in it.
  2. Dig a hole in the garden and line it with pond liner – thick waterproof plastic. Weigh it down with rocks or soil and plant appropriate plants around it. You can put plants into the pond but keep them in their pots. These are water plants that like having wet roots.
  3. Use pavers to outline an above ground pool, using a pond liner that comes halfway up so that the top pavers will weigh down the liner and keep it in place.

The addition of waterfalls or fountains to such ponds is relatively easy. It is possible to purchase a kit that contains everything you need including a solar pump and instructions. Some help from a professional handyman will go a long way if you find the job too difficult.

Ponds can be made from recycled materials such as a stock trough, an old bathtub, old laundry tubs and virtually anything else of the size you want that holds water. Even if it is no longer waterproof, you can use pond liner to ensure it doesn’t leak.

Tip: if you add fish, place a piece of plastic pipe in the bottom or a pile of rocks that will provide shelter from birds of prey who like dining on fish, otherwise they may all disappear over time.