There is many a saying that goes along the lines of ‘an artist is only as good as their paintbrush’, or  ‘a musician is only as good as their instrument’, and so the same might be able to be said for gardeners in respect of the tools they use in their garden. Obviously, none of these is true especially with regards to those skilled in art, music,  landscape design and gardening.

Whether the latter two use them as part of implementing a landscape design or simply to maintain and upkeep their garden, gardening tools play an essential role.

Of course, the list of possible tools you might use to look after your garden is extensive. However, not every garden justifies the need for a limitless number of tools, and in most cases, the essentials are all that is needed. To help you determine what garden tools you should have, with the help of Complete Projects – Property Maintenance Experts, here is the 10 essential garden tools we recommend.

#1 Gloves: Yes, the garden is a wonderful place, but it is not without its hazards and many of them take great delight in doing harm to your hands. Regardless of what you are doing, always wear gloves to avoid cuts and splinters, and, of course, to keep your hands clean.

#2: Garden Fork. Ideal for when you want to turn soil or to aerate your lawn, the garden fork is also useful for lifting compost or mulch. In many cases it is actually more useful than a spade, but of course…

#3: Spade: …no set of gardening tools would be complete without a spade which can be used for a multitude of jobs. Obviously digging is one of them but it can also be used to move around soil, compost, and mulch.

#4: Pruning Shears: To maintain any garden you need to have the means to cut back plants that have become overgrown not least to keep them healthy and to prevent them from taking over your garden

#5: Hoe: More commonly used in vegetable gardens the trusty hoe is the perfect tool for helping you to prepare soil for planting flowers and vegetables. A hoe can also be used as part of your weeding arsenal.

#6 Hand Trowel: This will most likely become useful whenever you are going to be moving bedding plants and herbs from one location to another. They are also another great tool for when you are weeding.

#7 Garden Hose: In the hot and dry climate which many of us will live in, having a garden hose is essential. Ideally, you want one which has an adjustable nozzle so that you can regulate the pressure and distance of any water spray.

#8 Watering Can: Not every plant or flower needs to be watered using a hose, and so for those that might be a bit more delicate, a watering can should be used. Metal watering cans last longer but they are also heavier, so if you prefer a lighter option, use a plastic watering can.

#9 Wheelbarrow: Not every garden will justify having a wheelbarrow but for larger gardens or for those gardens that require heavier items like bags of composts to be moved around, a wheelbarrow is a simple, but effective solution.

#10 Rake: A rake is not just something that you can use to clear away leaves or grass cuttings. It can also be used to maintain soil by removing debris such as rocks and stones from the surface.