According to the experts Brilliance Removalists Brisbane, very large and heavy pieces of furniture can be a challenge to moving to a new house. The removal process often involves loading these large pieces and the process is often made more difficult by the absence of good handholds on the item. Fortunately, removalists can take care of all these things as they have the proper equipment to help them lift and move heavy furniture, whether it is a grand piano, pool table or a queen sized bed.

Most removalists start by packing the heavier furniture first and proceed according to the best weight distribution for the truck they are using. That said, they will often remove mattresses from beds and cushions from the lounge to make it a bit lighter and easier to load.   If you find packing difficult, you can pay extra and have the removalists do all your packing for you, if they offer that service. So you’ll only have to move out with a change of clothes, then move into your new house after all the goods have been delivered and unpacked. This may seem like the ideal way to move, especially if you are frail.

Removalists may disassemble furniture so that it is less likely to be damaged and to make it lighter to shift. For instance, a glass topped table would have the glass top taken off and wrapped separately before being carefully packed into the truck. In the case of smaller items, they would be packed into a carton along with all their parts to ensure nothing was lost or mislaid during transit, and to make the assembly process more efficient.

Covers may be added onto some of the more fragile larger pieces to reduce the likelihood of them being scratched or damaged. The covers used should be thickly padded to protect the larger items from scratches or excess pressure. The covers being used should fit the item properly to prevent them from moving and leaving portion of the item unprotected and to help stop the item sliding around while being loaded.

While packing blankets very often the choice of padding for preventing damage, whatever is being used should create a thick cushion over the object being handled.

Removalists are certainly capable of working with large items. Whatever it is you have to get moved, talk with your removalist team about what you have and how best to get those items taken care of. A proper strategy with regards to how to clear out those items can be devised based on your individual needs. Often, the removalists will offer partial packaging services so that if you have vintage chair or a piano, they will package it up in layers of bubble wrap to keep it safer on the journey.