According to landscaping company Lone Pine Landscapes the options you have for your landscaping needs can depend on the types of plants you want to add. A great option to consider involves a native garden. Such a garden can be designed in a way that makes it very easy to establish and maintain, no matter where you want it to be. It can be part of the backyard or add interest to the front of the home.

According to renowned Sydney landscape designers Sydney Space Designs, native garden is a popular choice for landscaping in that it focuses on native plants. In particular, these are plants that are naturally found in the wild where you live. That said, many natives these days are hybrids; better than the originals in that their flowers are larger and more colorful, while still retaining the characteristics of the originals.  This makes them more popular, but still easy to grow in their native area.

While you may think it easy to find such plants in their native habitat and simply dig them up for your own garden, this practice is frowned upon and is even illegal in many areas. It is far better to purchase them from an authorized native plant dealer or nursery. At least you won’t be in danger of adding some kind of week to your garden or of destroying native habitat. .

The key point about such plants is that they will be very easy to grow in your garden if the area is one where they thrive naturally. Native plants are easy to maintain and can tolerate all sorts of natural conditions, from flood to drought and even to bushfires. The overall beauty of such a garden can really be enhanced if it is planned out properly right from the start.

Native plants come in a variety of sizes. Some thrive in forests where there is dapple shade while others do well in full sun. It’s important to take this into account when planting your chosen natives.  If you don’t mimic their natural habitat in your garden, they will not thrive. A qualified professional can help you start your landscaping plans with native plants ready to transplant. A professional landscaper can analyze how well your native garden will look based on the space that is available, the amount of sun and shade the area gets, the soil type and other points that must be considered in your property. The specialized knowledge that a professional has can make a world of difference to the success of your native garden.

The plants can also be organized in a number of ways based on how much cover is needed and how well certain items can be visible from afar. A great landscaping team can help you look into what might be possible for your garden space in particular. This is all about getting the most out of your landscape so it will stand out and have a better overall look.

Be certain when looking for great landscaping ideas that you think about what can work for your garden in general. The work that a gardening team can handle will make a real world of difference in how quickly your native garden can be established.