If you are having your home renovated be prepared for a lot of noise, dust and interruptions – depending on what you are having done, of course. If only one room is being renovated you may be able to stand remaining in the same house, but if more than that is scheduled, you may want to think about contacting Brilliance Removalists to move you out so the renovators and builders have free rein.

The noise factor

You may not have experienced living in a house where there is constant banging and the whine of a saw going on and off all day. The latter is a bit like being in the dentist’s chair with the high pitched noise of the drill grating on your nerves. You have to be strong to put up with it. But at the dentists, you at least know it will be over in a few minutes.

The length of time

House renovations can go on for days or weeks. Even when the builders/painters go home for the day, you are left with the smell of sawdust and paint, and the mess of everything that you really want to clean up if you could just get motivated. But knowing it will be just as bad the next day – and the one after – puts you off. To save your sanity you may need to move out until it is finished.

What about the furniture?

It is not only the dust and mess that is the problem. When the home is being renovated your furniture has to be moved from room to room in order to create the space needed for renovations. And it will be much quicker for the builders if they don’t have to do this. Plus, it can easily damage your beautiful furniture to be moved around so much.

Your own accommodation

It would be better for the furniture if a removalist loaded it up and put it into storage for the weeks or months it takes to renovate the house. You could then move to other accommodation such as with relatives, or go to a motel. Or you could even move into a caravan or flat temporarily. Then when everything is done at your home you can move the furniture back in and it will not have been scratched or damaged from the constant moving by the builders.

Builders are skilled in renovating, but not in moving furniture, so they are not as likely to take the same care you would expect from people who do if for a living. In addition, moving furniture around will take them more time – time that you are paying for. So the saving you make here will pay for the storage of your furniture.