Upgrading Your Bathroom

Go Green When Upgrading Your Bathroom

Not everyone can afford a professional bathroom upgrade, but you can do amazing things with your bathroom when you go green. Apart from new frameless shower screens, one of the trendiest things that people pay thousands of dollars for is a vamped up old dresser to hold the hand basin, yet you can do this yourself for next to nothing.

Where to find the dresser

Many people have an old dresser stored in the attic. If you don’t, you can easily find one at a goodwill store or a recycling depot. You may be able to get one cheap online at places such as Gumtree or Etsy, or pick up one at a garage sale.

All you need to do is cut a hole in the top to take the basin and then cut plumbing holes in the back or through the shelves if it comes up from the floor. Of course, the whole thing will need to be painted to seal it from getting wet, and the hand basin will need to have caulking around the edges to seal them.

Green towel rails

Going green with your bathroom renovations is easy to do with towel hangers or rails. Anything that looks like it will hold a towel can be used. Old copper pipes or even plastic plumbing can be used. Shelving can also be made from recycled planks or other materials for added interest. How about half a bicycle wheel with the flat side to the wall? Put the other half underneath for two high interest shelves that can hold folded towels and washers.