Plumbing is a competitive business in today’s market, and using technology to gain an edge is no longer an option. You need to use the same technology to schedule jobs to keep up with your competitors. Software is available to enable your plumbers to access appointments from their smartphones and laptops. This saves time and money and simplifies your life so you can fix everyone’s plumbing problems as soon as possible!

Versatile Apps

So many apps are available on the market that small to medium-sized plumbing companies can be competitive with the big boys. The software packages enable you to access the appointment calendar and update newly scheduled appointments instantly. What about the paperwork? Plumbers hate paperwork, so look at apps with a work order section allowing plumbing staff to complete work orders online. Plumbers can use the mobile application to access and download work orders instantly. Information can be edited, activities logged, and that all helps prompt payment.

Job Tracking

If you automate your job tracking, completed jobs with notes come back instantly. Plumbers can add parts used and job activities while on the go. This allows them to keep info updated through the pay period instead of the mad rush to get it all done on the final day. Tracking software means your office staff aren’t wasting valuable time chasing info and retyping job costings. Job information is instant, which helps reduce paperwork.

Save Commute time

A real bonus is that by using a scheduling app, plumbers can go straight to a job from home. That means avoiding commute time coming into the office, picking up paperwork, chatting over coffee, and then hitting the road to a job. The time and money saved here is enormous.

The automated system can still be applied if your business operation prefers plumbers coming into the office each day. Your plumber will check in, get the necessary daily instructions, consult the scheduling app for updated appointments, and then be on his way.

Instant Updates

The best feature you get with automated scheduling is that changes made are instantaneous. The software data exists in “the cloud,” so changes made are instantly available on all the devices used by your plumbers. For example, you can change a 10 am appointment while your tradie is still working on his 8 am job. When he finishes that job, the updated info is there for him to see.

Customer Database

The database of the app keeps all your customer details as well. Repeat customers pop up without having to enter all their info again. Depending on how much time has passed since the last job, you need to ring them to ascertain that all your details on them are still correct.


Scheduling software can also generate reports. Information like how many job types each plumber completes within a certain period, what each plumber is doing and the areas in which work is being done. This is an excellent tool for the overall management of plumbing staff. Reports are also available on product usage and, more importantly – revenue. Using technology to manage your business cash flow is a great tool.