If you are rolling up your sleeves ready to get stuck into that property renovation you may want to stop for a moment and consider what equipment hire you will need. Property renovation requires more than a few handyman tools, which are usually not strong enough to do more than light jobs.  It needs commercial tools that work better, are sharper and larger with bigger motors that will not wear out before the job is done.

However, to purchase all the tools and equipment you need will probably not be cost effective, at least, not unless you have a handyman business, and maybe not even then. It depends on what type of projects you do. Often there is the need for a small excavator or ditch digger to take care of foundations or plumbing. It can be far more cost effective to hire these things than to purchase them outright, especially if you will only need them for one or two projects.

Equipment must pay for itself

To make buying them worthwhile, they have to be in use for 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. Only then can they be said to pay for themselves. Even a professional handyman would not be able to keep them in use for that long every day. He has many other parts of the project to take care of. Then again, he may not have the relevant skills to operate certain machinery, so buying it means he would have to hire an operator.

Even tools such as a cordless hammer drill, a long ladder or a cement mixer can be hired for handyman projects, to make the job a great deal easier.  When you have the right tools to work with, the job will be more professional and you will expend less effort in doing it. And often, you will be a lot safer when you use the right tools for the job. It is only the kind of equipment you will use a lot of the time that is worth purchasing outright.

Scaffolding can be hired too

And don’t forget scaffolding. A lot of handyman projects require scaffolding in order to complete them safely. Don’t try and use a home handyman’s ladder – few are long enough; it’s not worth the risk of falling and being injured, perhaps badly. Such injuries have a long recovery period, during which you will not be able to work. When you hire equipment such as this you won’t have to worry so much about injury. But you should always have the right kind of insurance anyway, just in case.

Once you have hired the right equipment, you will be able to finish the job more quickly, ready to take on the next one, so hiring is well worth considering.