Older homes were built with a minimum amount of glass; small windows and a tiny glass panel in the front or back door and that was about it. If you get the correct building advice, you will find that toughened glass has become an increasingly popular building material. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an old one, glass can really make your home pop. Here are 9 ways to make more use of glass in the home.

  1. Glass shower screens allow natural light into the shower stall and enhance the size of the bathroom. No shadows are created by glass walls so even in the night time, your bathroom will look lighter and brighter.
  2. Many modern homes have glass walls that let in natural light and sunlight during the winter months to save on the cost of heating. With wider eaves to keep the summer sun out, these walls can let in the view as well as warmth and enhance your lifestyle.

  1. Glass sliding doors can be used in many locations to extend the living space onto the deck, ideal for entertaining or for those warmer days when you want to take advantage of the breeze. They can then be closed at night or in cooler weather to restrict heating to a smaller area.
  2. Adding larger glass sliding windows to a renovation will let in more natural light and make the room seem much larger.
  3. Traditional handrails on stairs both inside and out are now being replaced with glass panels. Toughened glass will not break like ordinary glass so it is quite safe and often enhances the space because you can see right through it.
  4. Likewise, balcony fencing is now replaced by glass as this enhances the view. You cannot see over a balcony wall when sitting down, but when it is a glass one the view is uninterrupted.
  5. Pool fencing is increasingly made from glass for the same reason. It not only helps you to keep tabs on the kids, it allows the view of the garden to be unhindered.
  6. In some cases, people use glass fencing along paths, because you can see right through it and the view is not spoiled. It is a safety feature to ensure children or adults don’t step down the wrong part and fall.
  7. Enclose your porch or veranda in glass. This will make a lovely warm spot to relax in the winter and it will help to insulate the home by keeping the cold wind out. Or you could choose a half-wall of glass so that you can see the garden.

Because glass is so rigid, it can be placed with minimal support so there is nothing to interfere with the view or cast shadow.