Very few buildings can be erected without hiring scaffolding and of course, the higher the building is, the more scaffold is needed. For very small building jobs the builders may erect their own structure, but once larger buildings are planned, hiring a professional scaffold company will pay dividends.

Here are 5 benefits of using a professional scaffold hire company.

  • They can design the scaffold using professional engineers so that you know it is extremely safe. Having the structure collapse under a load of equipment or workers would be a disaster of gigantic proportions. The repercussions will be ongoing and the company may never recover. There will be a hold-up to the building work, inspections, inquiries, court hearings and most likely, litigation to cope with. An engineer knows just how to design the support structure so that it does its job properly, supporting and protecting workers, equipment and building materials right up to the topmost floor.

  • They will provide the materials to build the scaffold. By allowing the company to provide the materials, you can be sure that what is put up is the same as what is on the scaffold plans. This will not only protect the workers, but your company will also be protected from delays or litigation if the structure did happen to collapse.
  • They provide staff to erect it. This saves the building company from having to add experienced staff to build the scaffold. The scaffold company can also supply a works supervisor should you be able to spare a few untrained workers to help with the erection process.

  • The company will dismantle the scaffold afterwards. Once the job is finished and the scaffold is no longer needed, taking it down can be a big job – almost as big as putting it up. If your company doesn’t have to stay around to dismantle the scaffold you can be getting on with another building job.
  • There is no need for the building company to find storage for the scaffold, or trucks to bring it or take it away. This will save you in costs as well as time. Storage for a large amount of scaffolding would be expensive.

The process of designing and erecting scaffolding is a trade in itself. If a building company should decide to do all that is required to design and erect the scaffolding for their building work, it would basically require expanding the company to add another trade, more employees and more equipment.

The costs of this would be quite phenomenal, especially when you consider that those employees would have to be paid whether they were actually working on a scaffold job or not. It is far better to hire the services out to a company that is already in operation.