Do you own a home without a patio? Adding a great looking patio to your home is a relatively simple and cost effective project. Here are 4 good reasons to go ahead.

  • A patio will add value to your home and make a positive selling point should you ever decide to sell. A survey back in 2007 found that most home buyers preferred a house with a patio and over half of them would pay a premium price to get it. So having a patio will not only add value, but may make your home sell more quickly in a slow market, allowing you to get on with the rest of your life more quickly.

  • A patio added to your home will create an outdoor space that you can enjoy for a myriad of activities, thus enhancing your lifestyle. Just make sure you don’t add it to the front door if your home is close to the street. If you do, nosy neighbours and even just disinterested passers-by will be able to see what you are doing every time you go out there to relax. Instead, add it to a back or side door where you can be sure of more privacy. You will then be able to use it for alfresco meals, entertaining, relaxing, a kids party or a safe outdoor haven for the teens they can share with friends. If you don’t have a door to build it over, consider putting one in to allow easier, more convenient usage.
  • It can create shade against the wall of your home, thus making the home cooler so you don’t have to use the air-conditioning as much. This will reduce your carbon footprint as well as your costs.
  • It gives the children a safe place to play during rainy or extra hot weather and you can sit out there and relax while you watch them. With the addition of comfortable chairs and a table many activities can be enjoyed in this outdoor living area. You can enclosed the sunny or windy side with shade cloth for extra protection, then add a few pot plants to enhance the area.

Things to remember

It is important to ensure your patio material and colour matches the rest of your home, otherwise it will look odd instead of blending in. You also have to make sure that it does not take up all the lawn, as this will devalue your property. People like the idea of green space outside the home. However, if you have a large yard it’s important to ensure the size of the patio is proportional to give a balanced look.  So go ahead and put up that patio; it will certainly add to your lifestyle.